CAD Process Analysis

An analysis of your company’s 3D design group and all their downstream data customers. A 3DsSolution LLC Business Process Specialist will be assigned to look at how your engineers are currently designing and evaluate their effectiveness and efficiencies with specific tool sets. We then will compile and compare your results to other companies your size or in your industry and suggest any found opportunities for improvement downstream of design.

The ultimate goal is to evaluate what your company currently is doing, showcase what other companies like yours are doing, discover hidden costs and bottelnecks and create a plan to get your company working at the most efficient productivity level possible.

Previous evaulations have found:

  • Engineers struggling with tasks covered in an advanced 3DsSolution training class can vastly reduced engineer frustration and made them experts at one of their core, daily tasks
  • 3D Designers using older functions of the software can benefit from training or a tips and tricks session of new functions
  • Purchasing departments manually recreating Bills of Materials because the up-to-date SOLIDWORKS BOMs were too hard to find- simple process changes in Engineering can save downstream departments hundreds of hours a year
  • Marketing departments manually rendering images of products already completed in SolidWorks that high quality image could free up marketing man-hours to improve content in other ways or conduct new campaigns