SOLIDWORKS Custom Training

SOLIDWORKS is an extremely comprehensive design software used in a large variety of industries. The tools available in SOLIDWORKS give designers the ability to create and analyze designs to build their products effectively in any type of industry. With such a large number of tools available it is common for many of them to not apply to every companies product though. For example a company producing sheet metal products would not have any need for the SolidWorks tools created for mold design. This is where custom training can pay off with improved efficiency and understanding of the features that benefit a specific product line.

We currently offer a variety of training courses in the Chattanooga area. We also offer affordable onsite training anywhere in the United States and have instructed classes internationally. Take advantage of our instructors experience and knowledge, our instructors are more than just teachers, they are practicing industry professionals.

We can alter the structure of our SOLIDWORKS or other classes specifically to meet the unique functions needed at your company. This can vary from typical course outline alterations to completely custom classes built around your companies products. Some examples include-

Custom SOLIDWORKS Core Training

Includes altering the features and functions that are covered in the training to suit the needs of your industry. Industrial companies building skid units or Oil & Gas piping would not gain much benefit from surfacing functions or commands used for creating complex curved shapes such as those used in the consumer product industry. By structuring the course around the industry it is used in more time is spent on skills and techniques our clients need to maximize productivity.

Company Specific SOLIDWORKS Course

Some clients model and build a very specific type of product, that has special requirements in the design process. We can build a course around the functions and techniques for designing your specific product and assist in automating tasks that are standard with each clients product lines.