About the Owner

First off, thank you for visiting the 3Desolation LLC website.

A bit about me, Nicole Walden, I began using Microsoft Office programs and AutoCAD in 1993. Then moved onto SOLIDWORKS in 2003 and have utilized many others since that time.

I began working toward a Civil Structural Degree in 1998 but stopped short when I realized I didn’t enjoy it while working under the structural engineer’s at a Chattanooga based company.

I have used SOLIDWORKS, Catia, Inventor, UniGraphics, and Pro E. I managed and trained people utilizing Inventor and SOLIDWORKS.

Have implemented Product Data Management (PDM) Systems for many different companies over the years.

Worked previously as an Application Engineer for SOLIDWORKS Reseller. Performing custom installations, evaluating their networks, implementing PDM, standard SOLIDWORKS instruction along with custom instruction.

Created more efficient work evironments for Striker (began 2011) and SigmaNest (2016).

Performed numerous customized PC evaluations for CAD and CAM packages.

I have now ran 3 SOLIDWORKS User Groups (FL, TX, and TN). My current SOLIDWORKS User Group (2011) meets once per quarter at different facilities in Chattanooga.  We host SOLIDWORKS employees at minimum of once per year.


SOLIDWORKS Certifications:

CSWPA-SM Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Advanced Sheet Metal

CSWPA-MT Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Advanced Mold Tools

CSWPA-WD Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Advanced Weldments

Certified PDM Enterprise Support Technician

Certified SolidWorks Support Technician

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional

CSWI-MD Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor – Mechanical Design